Purification of water

Our technology is based on a distillation concept imitates the natural process observed in the planet’s water cycle but enhances it with technology that accelerates this process with minor energy input a thousand-fold. 

The water cycle found in nature depends on water molecules become excited and dissipate into the atmosphere to ultimately return as precipitation.

We can accelerate this process using our proprietary design of Forced Rapid Evaporation (Patent pending) and device call a nanobubble generator, which created water bubbles with a size range of 80-200 nm. 

The nanobubble provides a massive surface area that allows water molecules to excite and dissipate into the blower generated air stream. The nanobubble generator and the blower heated air stream further accelerating the evaporation process.

We can vary the evaporation rate by increasing the size of the nanobubble generator which can typically process up 500,000 liters of seawater per 24 hours and as much 94% is water can be turned into nanobubbles. We can also vary the rate of evaporation by increasing or decreasing the temperature. 

The condensation is done by an integrated absorption chiller that has no moving parts and zero maintenance which calibrated to allow condensation of the water vapor and collection of the pure water which is then polished for best taste.

Power unit: Using a standalone Solar thermal CHP system with storage (no grid access or diesel generators are required), we produce pure water in remote locations globally independent of external sources required.

Earth Power Group