Micro Dish Panel

The full spectrum mirror and receptor are incorporated into a  two m2  panel populated with micro–dishes. The panel is half the weight of PV panels, stronger than steel, and will last for 4/5 decades.

Dish mirror 10x10 cm

Our sister companies developed a Small Concentrating Solar Thermal Dish that is the Future of Enhanced CST.  

Roof mounted

Fits almost anywhere & any roof

Easy to install and Installs where you need power. ​Install in a few hours on any roof, self-cleaning, severe storm survivable, can be assembled in small local  centers  from kits that make distribution & logistics simple.

​Earth Power's technologies focus on delivering clean water for people, animals, and land. If there is a water source we can deliver clean water. From the sea, rivers, wells regardless of the impurities, toxins, or materials like microplastics we can deliver pure water.


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