As a group and under the same leadership, we have begun providing water and energy solutions for the population on Islands in the central and southern Pacific many decades ago. As of today, the process imitated nature to purify water, and optimizing the energy available from the sun using as large a  fraction of the thermal energy collected is used. Of the populations living under the poverty line, we helped to increase their crop's cash value; the waste was turned in to energy, and the solar power used to preserve and create food security in East Africa.  Waste streams in over thirty small towns and villages in Central America became the renewable energy source while disposed of the waste a source of pollution for land and environment at the same time creating wealth. Wise uses of water created a profitable fish farm, and these farms' waste fertilized village gardens doubling the crops moving, allowing the population to move from subsistence farming to have the cash to get their children educated. Over the last decade, our transportable and portable equipment has empowered indigenous communities and displaced populate from near the Arctic circle to Africa, providing them with the appropriate solutions for heat, power, safe water, food, medical service, and a way to increase wealth.