We were among the finalists of Ocean Exchange. is a 501c3 with the sole mission to help advance the adoption of solutions in the field of sustainability. We seek solutions with working prototypes that reduce waste and the use of nature’s resources while increasing productivity and respecting cultures around the world.

The Ocean Exchange mission is executed in two parts. In our eight-year history, they have aggregated solutions via a competitive process whereby $1.5 million has been given in non-dilutive grants to startups as seed funding, typically at the pr

e-revenue stage. We are agnostic about geography and form of solution, where we see devices, materials, processes, and systems. Finalists and winners in those eight years now have significant accomplishments on their road to commercialization: exit strategy completed for initial investors via acquisition by Boeing, IPO on Swedish NASDAQ, large equity-based crowd-funding in the clean-tech space, award of significant contract by HUD for post-Sandy remediation in Raritan Bay/Staten Island as examples of success stories.

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