Perryman is the international finalist of "Empower a Billion Lives"

Perryman develops sustainable energy solutions incorporating its breakthrough thermal energy technology platform. These solutions solve several critical problems—e.g., cost, intermittency & efficiency—now retarding rapid deployment of sustainable energy. Perryman’s patented collection of visible/diffuse as well as direct infrared energy provides a 2-3x increase to the energy now collected by PV/CSP. This Full-Spectrum Solar™ radiation is concentrated as ultra-high temperature heat (3,180°F), and stored (for hours or months) in Perryman’s “Thermal Batteries” with a useful life of >30 years and base cost of only $30/kWh. Thermal energy is converted into electric with efficiencies up to 4x achieved by PV, while co-generated thermal exhaust is used to inexpensively produce water, thermal refrigeration and other useful work with end-to-end efficiencies >90%. Furthermore, Perryman can field-retrofit turbines now burning fuel to run on clean heat, and has completed bench demonstrations of similar retrofits for diesel engines. The problem we address for Empower a Billion Lives is the need to deliver useful work and enable villagers to increase their productivity, self–sufficiency and value-added export income from local resources. The Perryman team has spent their careers delivering practical energy solutions. Our experience in subsistence economies has repeatedly shown there is always a way for people to improve their productivity and incomes by combining energy and know-how. Perryman has teamed with Energime University to deliver a solution that combines technology, practical knowledge, and distance learning. The foundation is a Perryman Village Utility in a box, configured to suit local needs and resources. This system generates baseload electric for a cell tower, school, clinic and charging marine batteries for home and mobility needs. On coastal islands in Kenya, the system replaces expensive imported water, provide refrigeration & ice to keep fish fresh for electric-driven transport to market, and produce valuable export salt.

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