Meet The Team

Virgil Perryman, CEO 

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The primary technical specialty is the science of how elements behave & interact at very high temperatures and ultra-high density

Turgut Abacioglu, COO

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Served as CEO and executive positions of multi national companies in major economies of the world. 

Yiamsing Yong, CTO

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Specialist in solar heating design and application in the area of hot water production.

Khadiyjah AM Perryman, CFO

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Co-founder of Solchill, Earth Power Group, Alye International Communications and Engineers, KenCyber, and CyberVoipNet.

Shiva Vencat, 

Executive Business Development

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Specialist in metals and alloys sourcing and procurement, Shiva has over 30 years of mining & trading metals minerals worldwide.

Our leadership team ensures that Earth Power Group’s (EPG) resources are deployed effectively, with a focus on maximizing development impact and meeting the needs of our clients, global communities, local organizations, and NGO's. EPG’s Management Team benefits from years of development experience, a diversity of knowledge, and distinct cultural perspectives. The team shapes our strategies and policies, positioning EPG to create opportunities where they are needed most. The leadership team works together with a core set of values to drive culture and purpose in our organization.

​Earth Power's technologies focus on delivering clean water for people, animals, and land. If there is a water source we can deliver clean water. From the sea, rivers, wells regardless of the impurities, toxins, or materials like microplastics we can deliver pure water.


T: +65 900 505 0337

F: +44 207 193 6939 


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