Advisory Committee

Timothy Isaac Azania BRYANT

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He is a British educated lawyer practicing in East Africa.

Dr. Peter Higgs

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He is the CEO of Tactical Global Management corporation.


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 his expertise is on over forty major and minor power plant projects and their associated interconnections around the world

EPG's Advisory Committee provides a high level of intellectual and strategic guidance to the team. Its members are leaders in the world of strategists, globally and in their own regions. All members of the Advisory Committee participate in their personal capacity.

Rob Bolton

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A director at Review Partners and has a reputation for innovative and profitable real estate developments.


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He has devoted his 40-year business career to helping corporations and startups shape "gee wiz" new technologies into practical products

​Earth Power's technologies focus on delivering clean water for people, animals, and land. If there is a water source we can deliver clean water. From the sea, rivers, wells regardless of the impurities, toxins, or materials like microplastics we can deliver pure water.


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F: +44 207 193 6939 


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