​Earth Power's technologies focus on delivering clean water for people, animals, and land. If there is a water source we can deliver clean water. From the sea, rivers, wells regardless of the impurities, toxins, or materials like microplastics we can deliver pure water. We imitate the nature's water cycle, accelerate it a 1000 fold and use the sun, allowing our system of three 20' container to deliver as much as a half-million liters a day. The water we deliver is cleaner, much cheaper than RO or distillation, and as all of our systems are stand-alone without the need for any external energy allowing delivering or the purest water possible anywhere there is a water source. 


Freshwater and sustainable energy company

Cost and reliability are always the key factors, we have used our tried and true solar technologies as a source of energy. These portable solar thermal collectors have days of stored reserved, they have functioned flawlessly in some of the harshest environments on the planet's frozen north and deserts of Africa. Our system use equipment that was designed for military use, with little or no maintenance, and can serve a population for up to three decades. Yet it is a simple technology and we teach local people how to provide whatever upkeep needed while building a Corp of technicians that can install the equipment. 40 years in the field has taught us that equipment without maintenance will eventually become useless monuments to short-sightedness and failure.

All our systems use no harmful materials, all can be recycled, we discharge no harmful materials back into the sea or the earth. Very often salt that is recovered from the sea or mineral recovered for wells has the true commercial value a d can build wealth. 

Perhaps our biggest advantages as a source for pure water,  we can provide a population 16, 000 people with 30-40 liters a day for between 18-24 US$. Not per year but this is the cost for up to thirty years will small amount for periodic maintenance.